Friday, January 7, 2011

Frames Made for Clients Last Month!

We had an increadible amount of custom orders over the holidays, it was so fun to see all these walls come together!
This is a 16x20 Delanie in Barn Red- (First of its kind!) and 2 8x10 Sophies. I like this combo because it is a simple design...and I love the bigger sized Delanies!
A closer look at the 16x20 DelanieThis is definatly my favorite wall of the whole year. It looks so cool in their entry way!5x7 Triple Chloe...We did alot of triples. But we had had requests for 5 pics in one. That one will be the next thing we work on.Ok so this one is mine :) But I have to sneak in my orders like a cleint or it doesnt get done lol!
10x20 Zoi 8X10 Demask-Left over frame ...I will be listing this one on Etsy shortly
16x20 Delanie in Vanilla Cream. This one was made for our SLC show...It will be listed on Etsy also.

Another fun test...we have tried really hard to get boy frames going...honestly girl ones are sooo much funner! I like this style alot. It might be going in a store in the mall along with a ton of other frames! Cant wait!

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